Training Times
Every Monday and Thursday
Beginers 19:30 - 20:15
Intermediates 20:15 - 21:00
Advanced 21:00 - 22:00
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SVJ Karate Club

c/o St. Josephs Primary School
Fairview, Dublin 3
089 417 9931
(Calls only, no SMS please)


  • Steven Rees
    Steven Rees

    3rd Dan Black Belt (SKIF)

    Steven believes that Karate is for everyone regardless of age or ability. He is very supportive and will take the time to explain each move, and get the best from each student.
  • Donal Phelan
    Donal Phelan

    3rd Dan Black Belt (JKA)

    Donal is particularly keen on teaching the technical aspects of karate; those little details that might seem unimportant but which can make a big difference to the amount of power and speed a karateka can generate. Donal holds a JKA level C Referee and Instructor Qualifiquations. He also coaches the Karate club in UCD every week.
  • Henri Piquet
    Henri Piquet

    3rd Dan Black Belt (SKIF)

    Henri is fond of fitness. He'll quickly bring you into shape. He'll find in you resources you didn't know you had. Henri is in his sixties, so if you are younger, there is no reason you couldn't do what he does.
  • Noreen McHugh
    Noreen McHugh

    3rd Dan Black Belt (SKIF)

    Determination and defiance drives Noreen’s commitment to Karate. Always quiet, pleasant and encouraging, this respectful Karateka teaches that you can achieve your goals if you put in the time and effort. Spirit and attitude will win through.
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